Jill's love affair with horses started when she was a child, fascinated with stories of her grandfather breeding, taming and ultimately racing horses.

She would hang onto every word of these stories, imagining what it would be like to climb onto the back of a beautiful steed and gallop away. Hooves pounding. Mane and tail flying. Feeling the power of the animal and the press of the wind against her face.

This imagery became the fodder for Jill's art.

She has an uncanny ability to capture a moment, feeling or quality in her work that express the power, spirit and physical presence of the animal. She crafts each piece by wholly immersing herself in its creation, bringing the subject alive - one brush stroke at a time.

"Horses possess an unequaled beauty and majesty. Each breed has their own story - a unique story. A story I've spent my lifetime attempting to understand, attempting to tame, and attempting to capture." - Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson