Katherine Crouse (born December 11, 1983) is a Moldovan-born American realist painter.

She was born in Chisinau, Moldova to a family of electrical engineers. Shortly after beginning elementary school, it began to emerge that Katherine would pursue a different career path than her technical-right-brained ancestry.

Drawing served as a refuge from school assignments Katherine wasn't interested in, and when it came time for Katherine's Mom to check her homework, she would instead discover sketches in Katherine's copybook. These sketches were advanced in form and composition - not something you would expect from a seven year old.

Impressed by her young daughter's talent and passion for art, she bought Katherine her first set of paints - which would plant the seeds of what would grow to be a lifelong passion of creativity and artistic brilliance.

Katherine was only 10 when she was accepted to The School of Arts in Chisinau, and went on to receive a Bachelor of Foreign Languages and Fine Arts with a degree of Interior Design at the University of Moldova.

In 2005, she moved to the United States which she describes as "A country where family values are strong, where strangers are more thoughtful, kind, and polite. Any place I'd go to eat I would find families and friends holding hands and thanking God for their food. It's a place where all the different cultures and nations live as one."

Katherine Crouse