Taylor Thornton, born in Houston, Texas in 1985, is one of Atlanta’s up and coming artists. He’s an extraordinarily talented photorealist and has recently decided to channel his energy into abstract art. 

When Taylor was only 6 years old his older brother, Dylan, recognized his talent. Dylan pushed him to pursue his gift, sneaking him into tattoo shops and introducing him to local artists. The seeds Dylan planted grew into a lifelong passion and art career for Taylor.    

Growing up, life dealt him one challenge after another.  Sadly, at 17, Taylor lost his beloved brother. Dylan's memory and love lives on every day in Taylor’s thoughts.

Taylor always kept the passion for art his brother inspired in him and went on to become a published artist in 2014 with two pieces being featured in the book “Excavate”.  

Taylor can be found in Atlanta, Georgia, where he spends any free time he has with his 2 year old son, Dylan. Full of charisma, Taylor stands out in a crowd; as does his art in any setting.

Taylor Thornton